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Thanks SP!

Thanks Miss Secret Pal! I got your wonderful little gift yesterday. It was sitting on my doorstep waiting for me to come home. Thats the best part of doing this whole SP swap... to have unexpected packages arriving at your door! Not to mention "meeting" someone new and getting fun gifts! So what was inside, you ask? Well, there were four vanilla and lavender scented candles, and a couple candle holders (although one got smashed somewhere along the way... pooh), some butterfly notecards, post-its in the shape of an M, and a skein of beautiful ribbon yarn in dark purple and blue hues. Its gorgeous... I wish I had more of it! I think it will make a nice drop-stitch scarf. Thanks!!!

Last night, I also finished Tivoli!! I knew I had to finish it before the Knitting Olympics started today (OMG is it today already??) It fits perfectly, and although it is rolling a little bit around the neckline, it almost looks like its supposed to do that. But I think I will iron it out a bit more. I used Knitpicks Shine in cream and size four needles. It really is a nice design!
So in an hour and ten minutes, I will be casting on for the Knitting Olympics. I've swatched and I've got my needles ready! Good luck fellow Olympians!

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Yay! Tivolli looks great! I wish I could be wearing cute, sexy little tops right now, but they are predicting a lot of snow for tomorrow instead :(

Posted by: Jeanette | 02/10/2006

what a beautiful job you did on tivolli! : ) Looks like your secret pal is spoiling you!

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 02/10/2006

trivolli looks great! i'm sure it will get a lot of wear!

Posted by: melissa | 02/10/2006

You look so pretty in your Tivoli! I better get the kitchen cleaned up right away so I can start my KO project--which uses the upper half of the Picovoli!

Posted by: Karin | 02/10/2006

the tivolli looks fab on u, girlie! and i'm super jealous that ur wearing a tank, standing outside and squinting from sunshine...it's all snow and cold blusterness here in cleveland.
i think i need to take a vacation somewhere warm...how's it going in san diego these days? ;)
good luck on the olympics...can't wait to see all of these fo's!

Posted by: jennifer | 02/10/2006

The tivoli looks great on you. Good luck in the Olympics!

Posted by: Cristina (CrissyPo) | 02/11/2006

Your Tivoli is gorgeous!!

Posted by: Megann | 02/11/2006

What a great secret pal and a beautiful top! It is really flattering to your figure.

Posted by: Jess | 02/13/2006

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